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Paule & Marcelle:
for women with ambition...
Paule + Marcelle
July 2019
Remotely from Belgium
“With my brand, I want to give to the Modern Woman all the tools and assets for her to express herself and feel comfortable enough to take the place she deserves in the office. I want women wearing my clothes to feel invincible.”

I hang up. I just can’t stop smiling. On the phone, Alexandra, founder of Paule + Marcelle, just introduced me her business meaning. It’s clear and audacious and I know directly I want to be part of this awesome idea. Alexandra needs to translate her ideas into a powerful but light and high-end logo. This is where I can help :)

Paule Lamy et Marcelle Renson, first feminine lawyers in Belgium, inspired this project.

The brand & the cause.
We started with research: how are the other high-end brands communicating? What are the codes? How can we align or break the “rules”?

We also wanted to intrigue people a bit more and symbolize union, fight, and sobriety in one unique logo.

We had our design goal: unify elegance and women power and we needed to visualise the brand direction.

First stylescape, defining the brand orientation

Sketch & ideation.
Paule & Marcelle doesn’t need much to stand out. The brand is like their clients: simply itself, self-confident and ambitious.

Paule & Marcelle’s concept is so strong that we need to investigate how to translate the design goals into visuals.

Looking for symbols and meaning.

Sketching first ideas

The final logotype

François quickly understood the message and the style of the brand and was able to create a logo that perfectly matches the image of Paule + Marcelle. I really enjoyed his honest and meticulous way of working.

Alexandra Koljaj - Founder

More than a logo, the goal was to clarify the brand definition and put into words a strong philosophy that will speak to future customers.

A logo is not enough, but a clear definition of why you have a logo is way more powerful. If you know clearly why your company exists, you have more chance to convince your audience.

Paule and Marcelle intrigues by its name, once you discover the story behind it, everything makes sense and the cause moves the targetted audience.

What about your logo? Does it clarify your philosophy?
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