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Overtake your users expectations.
François Dangotte
UX, UI & Brand Designer
Born in Namur, Belgium in 1990.
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Relevance & coherence.
Hi there! I am François, aka Granswa, a user experience, user interface & brand designer from Belgium.

For the last seven years I’ve been helping startups and bigger companies to create or improve websites or apps with a recurrent mantra: focus on users needs to overtake their expectations.
The user’s language.
You know your business. Clients and users know your brand. They want your brand to speak their language, sometimes even don’t understand your business lingo... What are they looking to solve, in what buying your service or product will make their life better?

I bring creativity, processes and tools to help you build a website or an app that your users will care about because designed for them.
Method & Services.
I use methods based on design thinking to maximize ideas potential. Testing and research are the foundation of a great design. Observing how your users behave will give you ideas to best serve their expectations... and overtake them.
UX Design Illustration
UX Design
Your website is not performing as you’d like? Users are leaving your website before taking action?

What if you decided to improve your actual website or app to reach your goals, either it is more conversion on your e-commerce, more reading on your blog or more contact through your contact form?

UX design will make you avoiding risks by defining the right audience you’re designing for. Research, testing and prototyping will definitely save you some time and money to test new ideas before production and so, design better products.
UI Design Illustration
UI Design
You’re launching a new product and need a landing page or website to introduce it on the market? Your website or app looks tatty over the years and would need a refresh?

Following the web technical standards, foreseeing trends, playing with the rules is my recipe to design clear, beautiful and engaging interfaces, always keeping the user in mind and translating your brand’s philosophy.
Branding Illustration
You need a logo or a brand identity? You need business cards, posters for your new office, invitation cards for your launch event?

Branding was my first love. By conceptualizing and translating your brand philosophy into visuals, we’ll be forced to think about your story, what makes your brand different. We’ll build a logo in the end, but something that really makes clear what your strengths are.
Design Sprint Illustration
Design sprint
In four days of workshop in your company, you will do a lot of design work, you will consider carefully different viewpoints within your team, you will test a prototype of your idea with customers and you will find out really quickly if it’s actually something people care about.

This is a real asset for clients who are looking to validate or invalidate an idea before any work of code or production: discover, define, ideate and prototype in a minimum of time.
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